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Jennifer Rose Bowick
Our baby sister

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Jennifer Rose was born May 26, 1980. She became an angel on December 12, 1995. She was the youngest of 4 girls.
Her older sisters are:
1) Hope Renee (7-27-74)
2) Jana Dee (11-26-76)
3) Lisa Michelle (6-16-78)

We love and miss her very much.

Jennifer is survived by 2 neices and 4 nephews.
1) Amber Nicole (9-27-93)
2) Payton Blayne (5-21-98)
3) Richard Matthew (5-11-00)
4) Heath Eric Jr (7-27-01)
5) William Russel (7-17-03)
6) Emerson Cade (10-27-04)

This is Jennifer's neice in Heaven, my first born daughter whom I lost to SIDS
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